UXO Searching in the Port of Rotterdam​

offshore explosieven opsporing
data borehole points
single borehole

Client:                                    Port of Rotterdam (gemeente Rotterdam)
Implementation period:       2015-2016

In order to increase the storage and handling capacity of the Koole Terminals in the port of Rotterdam, it was decided to realise an additional quay. In order to safely create the quay, it is necessary to first inspect the area for the presence of unexploded ordnance (UXO). This work has been executed by BODAC. Based on historical research of the area, it was determined that aerial bombs could be found up to 7 meters below sealevel at the terminal location. Using our own sophisticated equipment BODAC was able to detect anomalies up to 11 meters below ground level and ensure future safety at the construction site. Our specialized equipment made it possible to survey the area with minimal excavation work. This way the client is ensured that he can start construction of the new quay as fast and safe as possible.